McConnell Family Love Spring 2016


Oh you gotta love Indiana weather.  You hear people who live here or those who once were from here say it ALL the time.  It could be raining hard one minute and then an unbelievable sky opens and BAM...out comes the sun.  OR the opposite, which every photographer HATES.  Such a beautiful day and when it comes time for sunset...the clouds roll in and the sky turns a Mean Grey.  But man do I have the most trusting and patient clients.  One of them being the McConnell family.  We had to reschedule their April session thanks to mother nature herself and battled our second time around fighting out the rain.  We decided to do a 2pm session...which if you know me well is not usually my prime shooting hour.  BUT...I was willing to make it work and they were super excited about making it happen downtown where there is a lot of shade thanks to super tall buildings!  I really love all the BRIGHT and color in this session.  Not to mention the absolute FUN.  Wait till you see Owen hanging upside down!  I mean....They are seriously the BEST.  

Here are some of my all-time faves from our session together.  Thank you McConnell family!  I can't wait to see you all again in August!  

with all my love and gratitude <3 Shelly Ruth