Fine Art Film & Digital Photographer



I am a completely emotional artist.  I take such heart and soul into creating a desirable gallery.  I cry at every single wedding I shoot, yes it’s true! But my emotions just take over and after being involved in months of your life, my connection and passion for your day is overwhelming.  I want you to feel the same strong connection.  I want you to be proud to say you are a “Shelly Ruth” Bride.  I want you to feel loved and secure with myself and my team.  I strive to create a story that lives to tell your day with such deep and loving emotion.  I want you to feel a sense of completeness and have such an emotional response when you see your wedding gallery.  I know I’ve done my absolute best if this happens.


I am currently developing my passion for film back into my work.  During your wedding I will be primarily shooting film along with some digital.  My second shooter and the rest of my team will be shooting digital portraits.  My style flows into a warm, dreamy, airy look with beautiful pastels and detailed art form. I match my digital images to mimic my film scans.  I love the way film creates that timeless, elegant, pure, raw look. I feel a very strong connection in capturing the detailed moments during your wedding day.  These are pieces you have worked so hard on creating, I want you to remember and love these moments. I love finding creativity in your day, capturing the details, the location, the story.  I love outdoor weddings, barns, chandeliers, lots of flowers and candles.  I love finding romance and warmth.  I strive on sunsets and mountains and backyard weddings.  I also really love Newlywed Sessions the day after (or week after) your wedding day.  Ask me about it, you don’t want to miss that part! I love shooting in Indianapolis and the surrounding area but I also really love traveling for weddings But most importantly, I just really love creating a day you will remember forever.


To give each couple the very best service that they deserve, I accept only 20 weddings a year. To guarantee my availability as your photographer on your wedding day, I recommend booking 8 - 12 months in advance.

Wedding day packages in the greater Indianapolis area start at $3,200 for full day coverage. Destination weddings start at $5,000.